A three race individual championship for masters riders. We recognise UCI Age Groups for men and women.

All Australian riders must have a current 2021 Cycling Australia domestic license and appropriate travel insurance to cover riding and racing while in New Zealand. Riders must be prepared to provide proof of insurance if required

Masters 1 35-39 years
Masters 2 40-44 years
Masters 3 45-49 years
Masters 4 50-54 years
Masters 5 55-59 years
Masters 6 60-64 years
Masters 7 65-69 years
Masters 8 70+ years

Depending on the number of entries and logistics for the criterium and road race championships, some grades will race as one bunch but riders will race against riders of their own age group.

Rules of Championships

    1. Hill Climb Championship – the fastest time in each grade will be the Australasian Master Hill Climb Champion. The first three place getters in each grade will receive medals.
    2. Criterium Championship - the first rider across the line in each grade will be the Australasian Master Criterium Champion. The first three place getters in each grade will receive medals.
    3. Road Race Championship – The first rider across the line in each grade will be the Australasian Master Road Cycling Champion. The first three place getters in each grade will receive medals.
    4. Points will be awarded to the first 10 place getters in each grade i.e. 25, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8.
    5. The Overall Australasian Masters Cycling Champion will be the rider with the most points at the conclusion of all three championships.
    6. In the event of two or more riders finishing equal on points, the winner of the respective grade shall be the rider with the fastest time in the individual hill climb championship.
    7. The Overall Australasian Master Cycling Champion will receive the Australasian Masters Champion jersey.
    8. To be eligible riders must compete in all 3 events.

Entry Fees

  • Entries shall be made online via the on line entry form.
  • Entry is set at $60 per rider in the hill climb championship, $80 per rider in the criterium and road race. Enter three races and get a 12% discount!’ ‘All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST’.
  • A service provider booking fee applies.
  • Entries close on TBC
  • Late entries - there will be no late entries.
  • All entry fees are non-refundable.
  • All entry fees must be paid at the time of entering.
  • Lost timing transponders will be invoiced at $50.


  • Competition will be conducted under BikeNZ/UCI road racing rules.
  • The rider understands that competing in the event involves cycling on public roads used by other people and traffic, and is aware of the hazards involved. The hazards include but are not limited to: condition of competitor’s equipment, road surfaces, vehicle traffic, actions of competitors, spectators, organiser’s personnel, weather conditions, hypothermia and heat exhaustion. In the rider’s judgment he/she has sufficient competence and experience to participate safely.
  • The rider will follow the course set out and abide by the road rules at all times.
  • The rider will wear their designated race number without modification.
  • The rider, team management and supporters will follow the rules and instructions given to him/her by race officials. Failure to do so may lead to him/her being removed from the event.
  • The rider acknowledges that the organiser reserves the right to alter the advertised course or start time if conditions warrant. The organisers may make variations on the series conditions for specific races for safety and other reasons as may be required to hold the event.
  • The rider consents to receive any medical treatment that may be deemed necessary in the event of injury, accident or illness during the event, and allows the sharing of medical information to be passed to race organizers to ensure rider safety is paramount.
  • The rider authorises the use of his/her name, voice and picture and any information provided by him/her on the entry form to be used without payment in any broadcast, telecast, promotion or advertising, and he/she also agrees that the information he/she has provided may be used by the organiser for the purpose of promoting future or other events, for the promotion of race sponsors products and services.
  • The Race Organisers, BikeNZ, Race Officials, Race Sponsors (major and subsidiary) shall not be liable for any damage, injury, illness, loss of property or accident caused to (or by) any person or object. Competitors and officials by starting and attending the 2021 Australasian Masters Cycling Championships, do so at their own risk (as per BikeNZ rules) and imply their acceptance of this condition and absolve the race organisation of liability.
  • Should the rider not use the correct transponder or ride without the designated transponder then they may not be allocated a time or result for that race.